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    How do I know what size shower door I need for my opening?

    Firstly and most importantly it is essential that your enclosure is tiled before proceeding with an order as your measurements will change drastically once tiling and grout are in place. Using our in-stock panel sizes, GW offers a modular system as close to a custom made shower enclosure as possible, without the higher prices.You will need to measure from tile to tile at the top, middle, and bottom to find your absolute minimum measurement. The rule when ordering a GW dual panel system is to not order anything above your minimum tile to tile width opening. If you order anything above your minimum width measurement the shower will not fit.

    Where and how do I order replacement parts?

    Our team is more than happy to assist you with ordering the replacement parts you require. Please contact us at inquiries@glasswarehouse.us providing the site in which you placed your original order, the name on your order, order number, and the parts you require. We can then assist you further with ordering the parts you need!

    Are your shower doors reversible?

    Most GW panels are reversible, however there are a handful of models that specify left or right installation. This will be specified under the product details for these particular models.

    Do any of your models have a protective glass coating?

    Yes, all GW panels are coated with EnduroShield® to make cleaning easier and less frequent.

    What are the measurements of the door and stationary panels for the GH and WH models?

    Glass Warehouse offers a unique modular system making our showers as close to purchasing a custom-made shower, without the higher cost.The sizes of the door and stationary panels will vary depending on what stock is available at the time of receiving your order as we custom select the panels due to stock availability.
    Our door sizes range from 24″ to 30″, in 1/4” increments.
    If you would like a specific size door or stationary panel, we will do our best to accommodate this. You would need to email us at inquiries@glasswarehouse.us at the time of ordering, providing the following information:
    – the site from where the shower was purchased
    – name in which the order is placed,
    – the PO number,
    – along with the requested size panel/s.
    From here our team will apply the requested panel sizes to the order, if the panels are available in stock.

    Do I need to take the space for hardware into account prior to ordering my enclosure?

    When ordering a GW dual panel system (WH or GH Model), you do not need to take the hardware into account as GW will make this allocation for you. The most important note is to not order anything above your absolute minimum measurement. When ordering a single door panel (DO Model), you will need to allocate an additional ⅜” for the hardware.

    What happens if my panel shatters?

    If your panel has shattered, please contact us at inquiries@glasswarehouse.us with your order details and images of the shattered panel. Our team will then assist you with ordering a replacement panel.

    What happens if my panel is damaged in transit?

    GW ships thousands of panels across the nation, our packaging is specifically designed for shipment. We can not however guarantee the way in which the carriers handle our goods once they are shipped. If your items are damaged in transit all you will need to do is email GW with the details along with images of the damaged item/packaging. GW will resend out a new item at no expense to yourself.

    How do I know what size stationary panel will suit my space?

    The minimum recommended walkthrough space is 24”.

    I ordered a panel that does not fit, can I cut it?

    No, all GW glass is tempered and cannot be cut as it will shatter.

    Does the door panel swing in or out?

    Both models allow for the door to swing inwards and outwards, but with our WH model we do provide a sweep for between the stationary panel and door, which allows for the door to only swing towards you. The sweep for in between the door and stationary panel is an optional feature and is not necessary for installation.

    How do the clips attach to the fixed panels?

    The brackets attach to the glass with set screws that have rubber backings, allowing them to be screwed directly onto the glass. No holes or cutouts are needed.

    How long will it take to receive my order?

    Once your order is placed, GW aims to ship your order within 24-48 hours of receiving it. Standard ground transit time is typically 3 -5 business days and LTL is typically 7-10 business days.

    Do you make custom glass?

    GW currently does not produce custom panels as our in stock panel range is quite extensive.

    Is there any out of plumb adjustability?

    There is some adjustment within the hinges of the door (~⅜”) to allow for out of plumb adjustability. If your walls are more than ⅜” out of plumb, we recommend installing the stationary panel on the wall most out of plumb and using a channel. If your walls are more than ¾” out of plumb, we would not recommend the use of our product and would instead advise that you seek a custom panel.

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